ComNav G2 and G2B GPS Compass

Brand: ComNav
Product Code: G2 & G2B

ComNav G2 and G2B GPS Compass

The ComNav G2 series GPS Compass provides reliable, true heading information up to 10 times a second (10Hz) & is accurate to 1 degree with a heading resolution of 0.1 degree. The ComNav Vector G2 series is not affected by magnetic deviation.

  • 10Hz heading output
  • Accurate to within 1 degree
  • Unaffected by magnet variation or deviation
  • Ideal for Autopilots, AIS, Radar & Satcom
  • 2x RS232 full duplex output ports & 2x RS-422 ports
  • NMEA outputs for Pos, COG, SOG etc
  • WAAS / EGNOS ready
  • DGPS version also available (G2B)

Features an automatic heading output back up in the event of unexpected GPS signal loss. The Vector G2 is ideal for use with radars with ATA, ARPA & Radar Chart Overlay.

Autopilots on steel vessels often perform poorly when using magnetic or electronic fluxgate compass sensors.

The ComNav G2 is not affected by deviation & autopilot performance can be enhanced considerably.

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